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When you join the 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry, you become part of an organization that strengthens a Freemason’s bond with the values learned in Blue Lodge. Earning the 32° is a journey toward more light and self-discovery, built on the organization’s core values of service, integrity, justice, reverence for God, toleration, and devotion to country.  

After becoming a Master Mason, you can complete a membership application to join a Scottish Rite Valley near you and continue your journey in the Craft. To become a 32° Mason, you do not have to receive all 29 degrees; only five are required. However, two of the five must be the 4° and 32°, along with three of your choosing. Most men go on to view all the degrees in the future. Your Valley contact will supply you with more information that outlines the entire process. You can also learn more about the 32° Scottish Rite degrees on our website.

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Benefits of Becoming a  32° Mason

Deepen Your Masonic Education
  • Further light in Masonry through degrees 4° to 32°
  • Additional online, educational resources and premium members-only content to go deeper into the degrees
Connect With Brothers
  • Expanded network of Masons in each of the 101 Valleys in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
    • Interactive programming with 32° Scottish Rite leaders   
      • Personalized birthday and holiday cards from the Supreme Council
      • Brother-to-Brother calling to stay in contact with members
Give Back
  • Be part of a fraternity that puts the Masonic obligation of caring for each other at the center of all we do
    • Make a difference by supporting the four Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation charities
Be Part of the Most Innovative and Member-Focused Body in Freemasonry
  • We work vigorously to keep the Brotherhood engaged and connected, responding proactively to member needs.
    • From interactive programming to engagement on social platforms, we strive to provide the best member experience possible.



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